Ally Bank Withdrawal Limit

ATM Withdrawal Limit Ally Bank: How to Check and Change It

Understanding your bank’s policies on ATM withdrawals is crucial when managing your finances. For Ally Bank customers, knowing the ATM withdrawal limits and how to adjust them can save time and prevent inconvenience. This article provides a comprehensive guide on Ally Bank’s ATM withdrawal limits and the necessary steps to change them.


What is the ATM Withdrawal Limit for Ally Bank?

Ally Bank, known for its online banking services, sets a daily ATM withdrawal limit to ensure security and manage cash flow. As of the latest update, Ally Bank customers’ standard ATM withdrawal limit is $500 per day. This limit applies to all ATM transactions using an Ally Bank debit card.

Why Does Ally Bank Set an ATM Withdrawal Limit?

ATM withdrawal limits are a standard security measure used by banks to:

  1. Prevent Fraud: Limits help reduce the potential loss in case your card is lost or stolen.
  2. Manage Cash Flow: Ensuring ATMs do not run out of cash too quickly benefits all customers.
  3. Encourage Digital Transactions: With lower cash withdrawals, customers are encouraged to use digital banking methods, which are more secure and easier to track.

How to Check Your Current ATM Withdrawal Limit

To check your current ATM withdrawal limit, you can use the following methods:

  1. Online Banking: Log into your Ally Bank online banking account. Navigate to the “Account Services” section for details about your ATM withdrawal limits.
  2. Mobile App: Open the Ally Bank mobile app and go to the “Settings” or “Account Details” section. Here, you should find information about your current withdrawal limits.
  3. Customer Service: Call Ally Bank’s customer service at 1-877-247-2559. A representative will provide details about your current ATM withdrawal limit.

How to Change Your ATM Withdrawal Limit at Ally Bank

If you find the standard $500 daily limit insufficient, Ally Bank allows you to request a higher limit. Here’s how you can do it:

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your ATM Withdrawal Limit

  1. Log In to Your Account: Access your Ally Bank account through online banking or the mobile app.
  2. Navigate to Account Services: Go to the “Account Services” section in the online banking portal. In the mobile app, this might be under “Settings” or “Account Management.”
  3. Find the ATM Withdrawal Limit Option: Look for an option related to ATM withdrawal limits. This might be labeled as “Manage Limits” or something similar.
  4. Request a Change: Follow the prompts to change your ATM withdrawal limit. You may need to specify the desired new limit and provide a reason for the increase.
  5. Confirm Your Request: Review your request and submit it. Ally Bank might require additional verification, such as answering security questions or providing identification.
  6. Wait for Approval: Ally Bank will review your request. If approved, the new limit will be applied to your account. This process can take a few business days.

Tips for Managing ATM Withdrawals

  1. Plan Ahead: If you anticipate needing more cash than your limit allows, plan your withdrawals.
  2. Use Cashback Options: Many retailers offer cashback options when making purchases with your debit card, which can be an alternative way to access cash.
  3. Utilize Online Banking: Consider using electronic transfers or bill payments through your online banking account for more significant transactions.


Understanding and managing your ATM withdrawal limit at Ally Bank is essential for smooth financial operations. While the standard limit is $500, changing it is straightforward if you need more flexibility. Following the abovementioned steps, you can easily adjust your limit to suit your needs.

For further assistance, always contact Ally Bank’s customer service. They can help with any questions or concerns regarding your account and its limits.

By staying informed and proactive, you can ensure your banking experience with Ally Bank remains seamless and secure.